OneClickMoney Review You Should Know [2022]

Quick loans online are gradually becoming an effective financial solution that many people use. However, facing many options from online loan websites to loan applications on mobile phones will definitely make you confused.

You need to find a financial company with a clear business registration, quick procedure, reasonable interest rate …

If you looking for the similar fintech online companies, beside Robocash, Kviku, Online-loans Pilipinas… OneClickMoney fast loan platform converges all the elements you are looking for.

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What is OneClickMoney?

OneClickMoney – OCM (Website: is an application providing online financial solutions of Moneycat Financing Inc., a multinational consulting firm. service

  • Registration No. CS201953073
  • Certificate of Authority 1254
  • Launch from 20-Nov-19
  • Address: 10F, Rockwell Business Center, South Tower, Sheridan. Brgy. Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City
  • Phone: For Smart/TNT/SUN 0919 084 2140; 0919 084 2141 | For Globe/TM 0917 709 940; 0917 717 6950
  • Email:
Oneclickmoney’s license certificate

OneClickMoney provides easy and fast loan package thanks to the fintech financial technology.

After the application is approved, OCM will transfer money to your bank account within 24 hours. Currently, OneClickMoney is one of the reputable online loan websites that many people appreciate thanks to the fast application process, reasonable interest rates.

Should you borrow fast loans on OneClickMoney?

Currently, OneClickMoney is an online fast loan website chosen by many people with many advantages highlights such as:

• OCM is one of the reputable online loan websites, has great financial capacity and ensures fast delivery to customers during the day.

• Simple: just with ID card, you can immediately register with a computer or phone with Internet connection at home without having to go directly to the company.

• Fast: It only takes 5 minutes to fill out registration information, your loan will be accepted and disbursed quickly in 1-2 hours if approved.

• Transparent interest rate: total amount to be paid including principal, interest and loan fee is displayed and listed publicly for customers as soon as you choose a loan. In addition, OneClickMoney is committed to completely protecting the information of borrowers. From there, customers who borrow money here can feel secure when registering loans on the system.

• Convenient payment: Customers who borrow money on OneClickMoney can pay via Pay online/ Bank Cash Payment/ GCash stores nationwide.

Loan requirements, loan limits, interest rates of OneClickMoney

To apply for a loan On OneClickMoney, you only need to be a Philippines citizen aged 20-60 years old living and working in the territories of Philippines.

As long as you have a stable income to pay the loan on time. Also, loans on OCM do not require proof of income and other documents, you only need ID / passport and OneClickMoney offers a loan package of 1.000 – 20.000 PHP / time with a maximum loan term of 3 months.

OneClickMoney is currently lending at an interest rate of about 11.9% / year. There are also a few additional service fees that will be announced during the consultation.

For your first loan, you will receive a 0% discount interest rate and other fees waived for 7 days payment.

How to apply loan with OneClickMoney

Step 1: Apply for a loan

First, visit the online loan website of OneClickMoney at the link

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Select the amount to borrow, payment time, enter your name, phone number and click “Sign up now”


Then select the amount you want to borrow (from 1.000 – 20.000 PHP).

The system will show the amount to be paid including principal and interest (if it’s the first time you borrow, you will get 0% interest discount when you pay the loan within 10 days.

At the same time, you will also see the payment date.

Next, you enter your Full Name, mobile phone number and press the button “Register Now “.

Step 2: fill in personal information

Enter personal information then click” Continue “

You fill in basic personal information such as: Full name, Date of birth, ID number,…

On the next page, the system will ask you to enter detailed information about the address you are living. If you are living in a city without a household registration, enter a temporary residence address!

Fill in the address where you live, then click “Next”

Step 3: Fill in job information

Enter job information and account number Bank account then click “Continue”

After filling in your personal information and living address, you need to tell OneClickMoney more about the purpose of the loan, the name of the company currently working and the current salary.

In addition, you must provide the phone number of your boss or colleague.

Finally, please provide a number of active bank accounts for the system to transfer money in after reviewing the loan application.

Note, if the account is not yours, the profile will be rejected.Click the continue button to go to step 4.

Step 4: Take ID photo and portrait photo

Please take a 2-sided ID photo and upload to the system, then provide an additional portrait photo with your own ID.

Note: ID card image should be clear and clear for faster browsing profile.

Step 5: Enter relatives ‘information & verify phone number

The system will ask you to provide contact information for a relative.

Then you press the button to receive confirmation code for the system to call through the registered phone number, enter the OTP you hear and press the button “Complete registration”.

Note: you should carefully read the terms of use. At OneClickMoney before clicking the sign up button!

After submitting your application successfully, you will be called by OneClickMoney staff to confirm that your profile is correct and correct as you registered on the system. 1 – 2 hours for the system to approve the loan application, if the application is accepted, in just a few minutes you will receive a quick disbursement.

How to repay the OneClickMoney loan

You can repay a loan thru 7/Eleven, LBC, Bayad Center, SM Payment Center. All payment methods that OneClickMoney offer is Pay online/ Bank Cash Payment/ GCash.

Repayment guideline:

Step 1: Visit account page

Step 2: Enter the OTP Code sent to your SMS and then click the “Log in”

Step 3: Select a Payment Method & click the “Pay loan” button

– Repayment amount for today (Full Repayment);
– Amount to renew (For Prolongation/Extension);
– Any Amount (For Partial Payment);
Select the Payment Option (online banking/ e-wallet, over-the-counter/ ATM banking others);

All Dragonpay payment partners are in the list so just choose what is convenient for you;

*Note: Payment method may vary depending on the one you will choose.

*Some payment methods can receive an email from Dragonpay to get the Reference number (Reference number is different from Lifetime ID). You can use either during repayment.

Once we receive your payment, OCM will send a confirmation email.

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Frequently asked question

What is OneClickMoney (OCM)?


OneClickMoney is an application providing online financial solutions of Moneycat Financing Inc., a multi consulting company.

Who can borrow money on OCM?

A Filipino citizen aged 22-60 has a stable income.

What provinces does OCM support?

OneClickMoney provides its services throughout the territory of Philippines

What is the interest rate for OCM?

Interest rate & Fee will be informed in detail before you agree to the loan. Sign up for a loan as th

How long is the loan term?

The loan period is 7-30 days

How much can I borrow?

Loan limit is from 1.000 – 20.000 PHP

How to register for a loan?

04 simple steps to receive money
– Register Loan
– Get advice
– Receiving money
– Loan repayments

When the loan is approved?

Your application will be reviewed within 5 minutes When the money is disbursed? Within 24 hours, the money will be disbursed to the bank account you registered before

How to pay the loan?

You can pay the loan at all Viettel Post branches or by bank transfer to OCM’s beneficiary account.

Can I extend the loan?

You can extend the loan for another 30 days. Make a payment of at least 40% of the outstanding amount of the original loan with one payment. This service can be used within 5 days before the billing date

What is the loan procedure?

You only need to provide a valid ID or passport and the phone number and bank account with your name.

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  1. Junaly P. Baluran says:

    Hello, can I ask question because a I have applied cash loan yesterday.and this was your reply true text message
    “OneClickMoney Your loan got approved. Money will be disbursed within 1 business day.Payback Php 600 till your due date on 05.09.2021.
    Just this afternoon I have check my atm card but no money yet…
    How would I repay it if I don’t have receive my cash loan…. Pls help

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