LTO Branches in the Philippines Full List

LTO Branches in the Philippines can serve those who renew licenses and shorten the wait time. More importantly, satellite offices are inside malls and highly populated areas.

LTO Branches in the Philippines

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What is LTO

LTO is the abbreviation for the phrase Land Transportation Office. It is a federal department in the Philippines that oversees all land travel, falling under the control of the Department of Transportation. 

The LTO’s duties include adjudicating traffic disputes, inspecting and registering cars, issuing permits and licenses, and enforcing laws governing transport by land.

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Its main goal is to simplify land-based transportation services and infrastructure while successfully implementing numerous transportation regulations, laws, and ordinances. 

It holds that those working in the governmental sector must exercise more caution in contributing to the general growth of the country’s leadership. 

As a result, among the LTO’s ongoing responsibilities is to promote land travel that is secure and enjoyable. It aspires to be a leading example of quick and effective government operations for a developing land transportation industry.

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LTO Branches in the Philippines

NCR East

Here is an overview of East offices, featuring mall locations and contact information if you reside in one of these areas.

Quezon City


Location: East Avenue, Diliman.

Contact Information: 8922-9061, extension 324


La Loma

Location: P. Florentino St., Brgy., Sta. Mesa Heights, Biak na Bato St.

Contact Information: 711-4444.



Location: Quirino Highway 1129

Contact Information: 8983-0723.



Location: Building 83 Butel, P. Tuazon.

Contact Information: 723-7740 or 431-9017.


(NCR) – West

Location: 20 Gregorio Araneta Avenue.

Contact Information: 09957266837.


San Juan

Location: 80 R. Magsaysay Boulevard.

Contact Information: 8714-9113.


Araneta Licensing

Location: 20 Gregorio Araneta Avenue.

Contact Information: 09934457131.


Taguig Extension

Location: FTI Compound’s Old Administrative Building

Contact Information: 09956338857.



Pasig District

Location: Compound of the Ynares Sports Central.

Contact Information: 636-5770.



Mandaluyong Extension

Location: 121 Shaw Boulevard.

Contact Information: 532-2726.



Marikina District 

Location: LOL Building, Brgy. Sto. Nio, JP Rizal Street.

Contact Information: (02) 7730-2672.


San Juan

Licensing Center 

Location: 108 N. Domingo Street.

Contact Information: 8282-1693.



Pateros Extension

Location: Building ARM, 92 M. Almeda Street.

Contact Information: 2294-0817.



Valenzuela District

Location: Maysan Road, Units 1 and 2, Building Arca Plaza, Maysan

Contact Information: (02) 8292-7846.


NCR West 


North District

Location: Brgy. 311, Sta. Cruz, 1686 JT Centrale Mall, Fugoso Street.

Contact Information: 09617947443.


East District

Location: 776 Domingo Santiago Street.

Contact Information: (02) 8715-5979.


West District

Location: Spanish 2154 Beta Tower.

Contact Information: (02) 8253-6185.


South District

Location: Building Annex 2, Philpost Compound.

Contact Information: 09560911645 / 09606037330 / (02) 8528-4668 / 



Makati District

Location: Building Butel, Pililia St Fugoso Street.

Contact Information: 09617947443.



Parañaque District 

Location: Olivarez Plaza, San Dionisio Brgy.

Contact Information: 09619104340.


Licensing Center

Location: Kennedy Road, 2F PITX.

Contact Information: 09167351880.



Pasay District 

Location: Compound LTO Pasay, Domestic Road.

Contact Information: 09604462679.


 Licensing Center 

Location: Compound LTO Pasay, Domestic Road.

Contact Information: 09178477842.



Caloocan District

Location: The BUTEL Building, 79 Brgy.

Contact Information: (02) 8361-3884.



Malabon District

Location: City Hall, G/F, F. Sevilla Blvd.

Contact Information: 09687738798.



Navotas Extension

Location: North Bay’s Fishport Complex, the General Gas Plant Building.

Contact Information: (02) 8283-3510.



Muntinlupa District 

Location: Road National, Tunasan.

Contact Information: 09391234202.


Las Pińas

Las Pińas District 

Location: Compound FMC-LTO, Talon Uno, Alabang-Zapote.

Contact Information: 09564212937.



How to contact?

You can contact the LTO via a message to the (DM-PAO) at or by visiting the central or regional offices’ authorized Facebook pages.

The LTO specified the infractions that may be reported, including smoke spewing, traffic accidents, reckless driving, passenger loading and unloading in prohibited places, disobeying road signs, and operating dangerous vehicles on public roads. 

Additional notifications may also be submitted, but they must specify the violation.

What To Keep In Mind When Visiting The LTO?

Do your homework and learn everything there is to know about Philippine driver’s licenses.

Before it expires, remember to renew the driver’s card. A Php 250 fine may be imposed for an insufficient renewal.

Schedule an LTO consultation online using the system. Don’t forget to print the reservation confirmation.

  • The medical certificate should be ready in advance.
  • Fill out the form before visiting LTO branches.
  • Bring along a license card that has expired.
  • Do your best to go to the branch no later than 30 minutes early.
  • Keep your distance from the intermediary and use caution.

What To Keep In Mind When Visiting The LTO?

Are There LTO License Locations Open On Weekends?

To help citizens handle the backlog of over 900,000 registration cards, Metro Manila’s LTO branches will soon be open on Sundays and Saturdays.

According to reports, the land transport office for license renewal locations in Pasig, Valenzuela, Makati, Quezon, Marikina, Manila South, Pasay City, and San Juan is accessible on Saturdays. More LTO locations are open on Sundays in La Loma, Mandaluyong, Taguig, Caloocan, Paranaque, and Las Pinas.

For candidates who work throughout the week, the weekend LTO license renewal office offers an opportunity for them to obtain their license.


The above list is LTO Branches in the Philippines. Ensure all necessary documentation is available before contacting an LTO renewing center and confirming the center’s operating hours. This feature helps you save time and avoids extra inconvenience.

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