GSIS Loan Online Application Review You Should Know

We’ve got some excellent news for you! GSIS loan application is now available online. It is a great way to access money that you can use for almost anything. You can complete the application form in just a few minutes and get your loan approved.

The loan will be sent directly to your chosen bank account so make sure it’s correct before applying. As long as you don’t default on the payment, this is a pretty simple process with minimal hassle. 

So, are you considering applying for a GSIS loan? Then, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll give information on all of these areas and advice on whether or not this type of financing option is a good idea. 

GSIS provides many loans to help members with their financial requirements, including policy loans, consolidated loans, and emergency loans. Let’s begin!

GSIS updates on loan payments

GSIS updates on loan payments

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GSIS Policy Loan

This loan is a financing scheme available to members through their GSIS life insurance policy. With an interest rate of 8%, the loan can be repaid by monthly amortization or withdrawal from a member’s current life insurance policy contract.

Policy loan GSIS requirement

  • Members must have had at least one year of insurance.
  • Premium payments for active insurance must also be up to date.
  • You must be presently serving in the military and have valid insurance coverage.

Who can avail of GSIS policy loan

  • Members who have paid their payments for at least three months
  • Neither the GSIS housing loan nor the GSIS financial assistance loan has arrears
  • There is no outstanding administrative or criminal case against a person.

How much is GSIS policy loan

Members of GSIS who do not have emergency loan accounts can only borrow P20,000.

GSIS Consolidated Loan (Conso-Loan)

This package combines five separate loan products into one:

  • A salary loan
  • An increased salary loan
  • A restructured salary loan
  • An emergency loan
  • A one-month salary loan

Members who use this loan for the first time receive one-time immediate forgiveness of any outstanding fines or fees from these loans.

Conso-loan GSIS requirement

To be eligible for the improved conso-loan program, a member must have a calculated loanable amount of at least Php 15,000. Under Php 15,000, the loan cannot process

Who can avail of GSIS conso-loan

  • Prosecutors, members of the judiciary, and constitutional commissions are examples of special members.
  • Members of the GSIS ( non-permanent and permanent )

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GSIS Emergency Loan

How to use the GSIS loan online application?

Emergency loan GSIS requirement

  • You must be a government worker in the declared disaster area. For example, to get a GSIS emergency loan in Camarines Sur, the province must be declared in a state of a disaster zone. The same holds with GSIS emergency loans Cavite and another. The complete list of areas is here.
  • You may be unable to obtain this loan if the government no longer employs you.
  • There must be no missed payments or arrears in your GSIS contributions.
  • There must be no other loans in GSIS.

They must complete and return the GSIS emergency loan application form to their office before applying for the loan. You also need to submit your ID. Unfortunately, there is currently no online lending app that allows PhilHealth ID for GSIS loans.

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Who can avail of GSIS emergency loan

No matter where you are, you are qualified for a GSIS emergency loan. You can also use it as long as you are a paid GSIS member. Besides, your location is affected by a natural disaster.

How much is GSIS emergency loan

Each individual has a particular situation. Therefore, the opportunity for emergency funds will vary from person to person and department within your local branch (GSIS).

In addition, there is no established schedule for GSIS emergency loan processing. It all relies on the workload of the GSIS personnel.

Advantages Of Emergency Loans GSIS In The Philippines

Check out these benefits of applying for your GSIS Loan Online Application 2021 online below.

Fast and secure

Financial institutions understand how to process emergency loans as soon as possible. Therefore, you may obtain an emergency loan in the Philippines in as little as 24 hours, depending on the organization. 

Loans are secure as well. You may receive a cheque or have a loan deposited into your bank account. In addition, you can select a cash lending app that takes the PhilHealth ID, available to all Filipinos.

Available to Filipinos

Many financial firms in the Philippines are aware of the ordinary Filipino financial predicament. As a result, you can establish or demonstrate your citizenship. Furthermore, many institutions provide a loan app that accepts PhilHealth ID. 

Also, there are several possibilities for obtaining an emergency fund. Especially applicable if your emergency is medical. It’s an immediate situation like medical expenses that require money right away.

Easy payment plans

Due to the nature of the service, financial institutions usually allow some time in the payment schedule. As a result, no bank or government entity will require you to pay off your loan in full at once. 

Instead, you will repay the debt over time. For instance, you can repay the loan with 36 equal monthly payments in three years.

How Can I Apply For GSIS Loan 2021?

Apply for Government Service Insurance System

Here are the processes for applying for an online loan with the PhilHealth ID:

  • First, go to the GSIS website and download the application.
  • Then, fill out the form and sign it.
  • Next, make a photocopy of the required documents.
  • Next, go to a GSIS and turn in the application form as well as the required documentation.
  • After that, follow the instructions that GSIS gives you.

Final Thoughts

Generally, the loan is sent directly to your chosen bank account as long as you keep up with the payments. This application will be an affordable option that won’t have too many strings attached if you’re interested in applying now.

We hope that now that you’re aware of the new GSIS online loan application, it will be easier to obtain a loan and realize your aspirations. If you need assistance or have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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