Flexi Finance Review You Should Know

Flexi Finance is a new company that specializes in providing financial assistance to those looking for help. With the service, you can make your deposits over time without worrying about interest rates or fees. 

The group has seen many people take advantage of their services, looking for an option to balance their budget without sacrificing the quality of life. 

This service is perfect for someone who needs extra help meeting monthly obligations but doesn’t want to incur more debt by taking out another credit.  

The best part? It’s all done online! No need to go into a bank or apply through other channels – sign up on the website and start making a repayment today! 

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What is Flexi Finance

Flexi Finance Asia Inc. is a company that specializes in consumer finance and will be happy to help you get what you need. 

Flexi Finance Slogan

Flexi Finance Slogan

They offer financing solutions for the purchase and cash loans from any of their branches worldwide! Their website has an easy calculator so that you can calculate money easily on time with no hassle.

The association’s name means flexible or adjustable, reflecting how they try hard to deal with customer needs effectively while preventing any financial setbacks – something all businesses should strive towards doing, especially if they want repeat customers.

How Legal Is The Flexi Finance Service?

Every firm that wants to work in the Philippines is required by law and must be approved through a process. 

The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) regulates this approval, so you must stay up-to-date on what they’re doing! 

You can find lists of companies working legally here at sec.gov.ph.

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Financial Services

If you need money in the short term, then the service is your best option. You can buy anything from smartphones and tablets to household appliances with the lowest installment up to 36 months! 

The organization offers this great service at any of their partner stores – talk about getting instant money for whatever gadgets or gifts are on your shopping list today!

Flexi Finance Offers Great Financial Solution

Flexi Finance Offers Great Financial Solution

With the function of helping customers out of their financial obligations, the service offers cash credits for regular customers with good remittance history. 

Clients repay their allowances according to the agreed schedule under contract and account reviewed each month-end by an automated system that selects those who offer quick money from next time around – without fines or delays! 

Quick Services is there when life throws us unexpected curveballs so we can provide fast financial relief that works into any budget.

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Requirements To Borrow

The requirements are convenient for every resident. 

You will need two valid identifications – SSS, TIN, passport, or driver’s license – and the last three months’ worth of wages from your most recent job to qualify as well as an unconditional good faith pledge that you can meet. 

All accommodations come highly recommended by more than 80% of customers who have used them before because they’re simple in the process yet still provide great benefits like low monthly premium on time, so there’s never any stress or anxiety over commitments.

What Is Need To Get A Loan

You must apply for this at one of the sales offices. The response on your application will arrive in 30 minutes, and you’ll need to sign an agreement before receiving cash or purchasing something else, such as a device or gadget from their store!

How Does Flexi Finance Work?

How Does Flexi Finance Work?

For them not to charge any interest rates penalties if you’re late paying back this purchase, make sure that everything goes according to during checkout when making payments.

If you have any questions, be sure to contact the operator! The next part will mention the number.

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How To Apply For A Loan

How To Apply For A Flexi Finance loan?

How To Apply For A Flexi Loan?

  1. Filling the form: Fill in an online application, then send it directly on the platform.
  2. Stay in 20 minutes: The partner store will review your application to make a decision.
  3. Receive money: You are checked out. Get your money through a bank card!

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Working Hours

Their branches are open from 9 in the morning till 9 in the evening.

All the partnered stores, however, will open depending on each one individually. But don’t worry, their Sales Specialist will be on hand during those hours if you need them for anything else!

Common Questions Asked

Can I apply for a loan through a mobile application?

Yes, they have a mobile app, and you can download it on Google Play. But it is used for the current client only. The application also has a calculator, which you can use to calculate the cash interest rate.

What are the requirements for cell phones?

You can find out more about this information at partner stores or by phone at 63 9293 455 444. The phone installment requirements may change over time, so it is better to clarify first.

Am I going to need a Flexi Finance payment?

Yes, for financing sales, the company requires clients to pay upfront. The amount depends on the price of chosen goods and selected maturity. It is a mandatory part of the agreement.

How to pay for it?

You can pay by SMS confirmation within 24 hours in all branches and partner shops. You will see the best way to pay your monthly fee and the best time to pay through partners. You’ll also know where to pay for the allowance.


Flexi Finance is the best finance solution for anyone, especially those who need quick money and do not worry about the monthly fee. If you need help paying off obligations while still enjoying life, this is the company for you!

The service includes online support, which is a big help to those who refer to making transactions right on their seats at home or can not go outside to reach a bank. 

Hope that after reading this, you will make the best decision on getting a loan. Good luck and good financing!

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