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Dragonpay is a payment gateway that provides merchants with an alternative to traditional methods of accepting payments. They offer a variety of services, including POS, card reader, Paypal integration, and more.  

Dragonpay allows their clients to accept payments through any channel they prefer- mobile apps, desktop applications, or even online. 

This flexibility offers users convenience and freedom regarding how they conduct transactions with the merchant since there are no restrictions on what device can be used for making payments. 

Dragonpay - Open banking directory

Dragonpay – Open banking directory 

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What Is Dragonpay And Its Service?

Dragonpay is a service of online payments. It enables individuals to pay retailers online without using a credit card. It’s not the same as PayPal. Instead, customers can pay immediately by using their online systems. So, anyone can use DragonPay!

This payment provides three primary services. The following are below:

Online payment solution

This system is ideal for those looking to get paid online without using standard payment systems. In a typical setup, an online credit card processor is required. 

To achieve this, you’ll need to use a banking system or anything like PayPal. Your clients must have a PayPal account or a credit card.

Recurring payments

To protect the merchant from overspending, customers pay a monthly payment to merchants. Dragonpay, on the other hand, maybe used by merchants who accept subscription-based payments. 

Software as service or SaaS, subscriptions to magazines, and other similar services are examples.

Mass payout

You can now send money to multiple individuals at once with the Dragonpay system. It works flawlessly as a payroll processing system. 

It is no longer necessary to register for bookkeeping if you pay transfer payments to employers or freelancers. Instead, you can use Dragonpay for this.

Dragonpay serves two sorts of customers: merchants and consumers. A consumer doesn’t need to set up an account; however, a merchant must.

Dragonpay has lately released an app. Customers and purchasers that use Dragonpay frequently open an account and then top up. It’s similar to Paypal and GCASH. Furthermore, DragonPay lets you pay businesses directly or move money between other systems.

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How To Use Dragonpay

Payment via Dragonpay

Payment via Dragonpay

The instructions for each transaction vary, depending on the type of payment. They will include your email address and account number. As a customer, you have two options for paying a business via Dragonpay.

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Online banking

To accept Dragonpay, you need to log in and send payment through an account in the email. Then, follow the remaining procedures (credit card purchases will require an extra fee).

Over the counter

If you do not use online banking, let go to the bank and deposit money into someone’s account. Make sure you read all Dragonpay’s instructions before doing this.

Note: You will receive the instructions for payment through email. Therefore, it is vital not to lose sight of this message. If you do, you may have difficulty obtaining a copy from the firm. 

Also, be sure that you enter the correct reference number. If you don’t, the firm will take many days to remedy the problem.

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How To Pay Using Dragonpay Offline

Example of email confirmation from Dragonpay

Example of email confirmation from Dragonpay

Going to your local bank is the only method to use offline payments. But, unfortunately, they do not have any payment kiosks or offices. So you must follow the same steps at the option “over the counter” above.

Offline shopping? That’s not possible with the Dragonpay app! You can only shop if you’re online. Furthermore, you will receive instruction through the mail system.

How To Transfer Funds From GCASH To Dragonpay

You can transfer funds from a GCASH to a Dragonpay trader. Take the following steps:

  • Sign in to the GCASH account (not your Dragonpay account)
  • Then, open your Dragonpay app and sign in
  • Select top-up from your Dragonpay account
  • Enter PIN code
  • Input the amount you want
  • Pick Bayad Center from the list of choices
  • Click on the reference number and copy it
  • Return to the GCASH application
  • Choose pay bills.
  • Select a payment method – Dragonpay
  • Next, input the Dragonpay reference number.
  • Then follow the remainder of the instructions.
  • Finally, return to your Dragonpay account to check your money.

Overall, the process is lengthy and time-consuming. However, everything will be much easier once you understand how it all works and apply.

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The Step-By-Step To Repay A Loan With Dragonpay

  • Sign in to the GCASH app
  • Pick pay bills
  • Select loans
  • Click on the Dragon loans
  • Fill in the blanks, including the reference number
  • Click confirm button, and you’re finished

Customer Service And Reviews For Dragonpay

With years of experience before that in the online business industry. Dragonpay offers secure digital wallets, carrier billing infrastructure. 

Dragonpay has steady growth without external financing or any other outside investment sources. That means it is growing organically instead of relying on funds from investors to fuel its growth.

Many individuals in the Philippines do not have access to banking services. That means they do not have credit cards or bank accounts. As a result, they’re unable to pay with PayPal or other card-based methods.

So DragonPay’s business model has potential! They care about all of their consumers; thus, they provide flawless service.

On the other hand, you have a denied transaction and need to be reprocessed and approved; no worries! The firm will guide you through the procedure until your problem is fixed.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Dragonpay is one company that strives to provide its customers with the best possible service experience. Furthermore, keeping up with current trends in technology!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post about Dragonpay – the best payment in the Philippines. If so, please sign up for Dragonpay’s newsletter to receive future articles like this. Let’s show our support for this payment software by using Dragonpay right now!

Also, if you want assistance, you may locate the Dragonpay contact number on their website. Thank you for reading!

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