What caused the brexit event? The effects of Brexit

Brexit is one of the traumatic events of history that interests people all over the world. This event only took place a few years ago, so it still leaves a lot of interest for people to this day. In which most people really want to know what is the cause of the Brexit event? What are the effects of this event?

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What are the main causes of brexit events?

Many of us know well what Brexit is. This is the event named for the United Kingdom’s departure from the EU. The event took place for a variety of reasons. Here are the main reasons given.


Due to the immigration crisis

The immigration crisis is believed to be one of the main causes of Brexit. Because the number of people immigrating to the UK increased sharply. This exposes the country to changes in the value of cultural identity. This is something that the UK cannot accept.

Moreover, the resurgence of Islamic extremism becomes more worrisome. Riots and riots happen frequently. Therefore, the security situation in the UK is always in a state of instability. The security of the country is difficult to control. So the United Kingdom decided to leave the EU to stabilize the country.

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Due to the unstable political situation in the country

What caused the Brexit event? The next cause comes from domestic political instability. The crisis of immigration has made the security situation in the UK unstable. However, it does not stop there, the employees of the Conservative Party always do not believe in the ability of the European Union.

They are skeptical of the organization’s management. So the referendum was launched. At this time, the British people agreed on the idea that Britain should withdraw from the European Union. Thus, the decision was made to create a world-shaking Brexit event.

Some other reasons leading to the brexit event

The Brexit event also stems from Britain’s fear of this organization. Britain believes that when the treaty to transfer large amounts of power from the member states to the central authority in Belgium is implemented, it will threaten British sovereignty.

In addition, British dissatisfaction with European regulations is also growing. At the same time they feel a mismatch in their national identity. Therefore, the UK has made a big decision to leave the EU.


The effects of brexit events on the UK

Withdrawal from the EU has directly affected the UK. The event affects in many different ways such as:


The first impact of the Brexit event on the UK must be mentioned first on the economic field. Although still influenced by the European economy, Britain’s position has changed a lot. Especially when it comes to joint negotiations, the British voice is no longer heavy. Britain will not be involved in major decisions.

Political – social

Not only in economic terms, the Brexit event also has a profound influence on the country’s politics and society. The most obvious manifestation is the division within the population. In addition, influence is also reflected in interest groups in society such as:

Globalization Policy
International integration

Military – foreign affairs

Since the Brexit event happened, the UK is officially no longer an important ally in Europe along with the US. This will affect the British military in the future.

These are the losses that this event caused to England. Although the decision has been made, the impact of the event remains over time.


So, what is the cause of the Brexit event? What are the effects of brexit? Surely everyone can understand now.

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