Pound To Peso – GBP to PHP (update 04.2024)

The constantly drifting currency exchange rate has been a concern for those who wish to invest or own currencies for collection and traveling purposes. The following article is the best to find guides and advice you need about the Pound to Peso transaction value for your upcoming trip. 

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About The Pound To Peso Exchange Rate

An exchange value is a price for converting one currency to another. Because the money is continuously traded, the value fluctuates rapidly as well. It causes the currency market to move identical to other assets.

The rate indicates the exact amount you will receive for each Pound converted to Peso. The Pound value is stronger than the Peso, and its represented country is a fairly expensive place to visit. 

Your converted value will stretch even further, with alcohol costs cheaper than carbonated beverages. Each Pound now equals around 64 Pesos on the market price and is expected to change rapidly. The following will explain how they all work and help you get the best price.

The Current Best Rate In The Market

You should research the currency value from a reliable source before deciding when to get your Pesos. On the website is the amount which banks and dealers provide. When you visit a bank for money conversion, you will not receive the same market price as dealers. 

The bank, conversion businesses, and providers will overcharge the price to generate profits during the process. Although you can’t find such values at the retailer, it will be a helpful comparison resource for an ideal price. Recently the finest conversion rate provided 60.8 Pesos per Pound.

Where To Exchange Pound To Peso

Many of the biggest travel money providers can convert Pounds to Pesos, and you need to purchase it ahead of time as it may be hard to find. Traders and organizations purchase and exchange currencies around the clock, seven days a week.

A transaction requires the trade of one money for another, so another currency is required to purchase some Pounds or Pesos. Moreover, you must get formal approval from the national bank in the Philippines before bringing too much money inside the country.

You may get your Pesos from banks, resorts, or stores once you are there.

Use Comparison Website

The most convenient solution to evaluate conversion services is to use a comparison website. Simply enter the quantity you want to trade for, and the website will take care of the calculating. 

Regardless of choosing a comparison tool or doing it yourself, you must check for at least a few different sources to discover the best rate.

Use Calculator For Converting Currencies

Any conversion supplier’s website will offer a money calculator that can help calculate the amount you will have. 

Visit a reliable website to have the most accurate amount you will receive, whether you are searching for an approximate number to cope with issues like preparing budgets for your travel.

Currency Conversion Advice

Whether you have traveled abroad, sent currencies to relatives in another country, or made foreign transactions, you know that currency conversion can be difficult. 

It can consume a lot of time from you and make it costly to search for banks, suppliers, or unfamiliar streets to have the cheapest deals. The charge from it can quickly mount up too when you are not careful.

Make Preparations

You should use a conversion tool to discover the latest rate. Evaluate prices and fees charged by banks, agencies, and providers. Convert your money to the best offer. 

Banks and dealers make money by providing conversion services. A currency account is charged with wire fees and processing charges when the owner needs the savings directly. 

For most consumers seeking money exchange, getting cash quickly but without charges while carrying a markup can be an acceptable tradeoff.

Know The Expenses Of Foreign Exchange

Some exchange fees are obvious, while others are not, so it’s crucial to know what you’re paying. Providers, like other businesses, must make an income to continue growing. Here are some methods the providers may follow:

  • Charge on commission, fixed fee, processing fee, or minimal cost
  • Incorporate a range of currency fluctuations by purchasing and selling at different rates
  • Charge for wire transactions and other transport methods

Minimize Your Transactions

Because there are fees connected with each exchange transaction, fewer transfers might sometimes reduce costs. Consolidating multiple transactions into one can save you from spending too much cost based on the form of transaction.

Several retailers can offer higher rates and even remove commission fees for transactions more than a fixed amount.

Look Out For Counterfeits

Every country should have counterfeit transactions, and some have fewer than others. To avoid being deceived, you should get to know the currency’s appearance. You should look for watermarks or other security factors while doing so.

It can help recognize a counterfeit simpler. However, for an elevated counterfeit, it is unlikely to be detected. Moreover, you should choose recognizable conversion services and trustworthy suppliers.

Consider Banking Overseas

Consider transferring and banking if you’re going abroad to study or just for a long stay for an extended period. Establishing a local credit account might help you safely keep your money. It also simplifies aggregating your monetary transactions and reduces fluctuations risks.

Pound to Peso – GBP to PHP (update today)

Pound To Peso - GBP to PHP

The exchange rate for the Pound to Peso is:

Bank nameBuySell
Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company67.47070.070
Banco de Oro
Development Bank of the Philippines68.92672.492
Bank of the Philippine Islands69.06572.640
Security Bank Corporation
Philippine National Bank
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas-
Updated as of:4/15/2024

Quick convert the GBP to PHP based on amount of money as table below:

British Money (Unit: GBP)Philippines Money (Unit: PHP)
1 pound to php70.47
5 pounds to php352.35
10 pounds to php704.70
20 pounds to php1,409.40
30 pounds to php2,114.10
40 pounds to php2,818.80
50 pounds to php3,523.50
100 pounds to php7,047.00
500 pounds to php35,235.00
1000 pounds to php70,470.00


The value of a currency pair to another is always referred to as a conversion rate, and the Pound to Peso rate is an example. You may then estimate your demands and choose the provider which has the most beneficial value for you.

You should note that banks will increase the price to make up for the loss. Ordering around may save you expenses because some businesses have a lower markup when compared to the current market rate.

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Pound To Peso – GBP to PHP Exchange Rate

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