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Vidalia is one of the leading corporations supported by talented and experienced private investors with rich experience in the Philippine Financial Industry.

Since its establishment, it has provided numerous loans with tested and traditional credit methods and modern technology. Besides, its credit rating system always improves, optimizing and learning to meet delinquency and monthly repayment.

However, whether or not does this firm deliver a dependable platform in the Philippines? Let’s go further into Vidalia in this post!

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About Vidalia Lending

Vidalia is a business cooperating with huge experienced investors, owns large experience in the Financial Industry, and runs under the US Securities and Exchange Commission. 

This company is committed to providing loans and easy and accessible investment procedures to all customers. The organization comes from the Philippines and has operated and offered millions of loans since its establishment.

Apart from the loan, the company also provides clients with a chance to invest. To deliver comfortable, simple working conditions for customers, the company :

  • Regularly optimized and improved money lending system
  • Innovated traditional technique

Benefits of applying for loans online from Vidalia

Benefits of applying for loans online from Vidalia

Is Vidalia Legit?

If any financial businesses want to operate in the Philippines, they must meet the law requirements to get suitable permission.

The SEC is in charge of this problem. SEC stands for Securities and Exchange Commission. Also, you can see the company lists, which are trustworthy on its website because the SEC has tested this organization.

And you can find this financial company in the List of Lending Companies. Below is its information:

Registration No. CS200813771
Certificate of Authority 279
Anniversary Date 07-Oct-2008
Interest Rates 4.50%
Tenor per month

We discovered the Vidalia Lending Corporation in lists of financing organizations registered with the SEC, indicating that you can completely trust this Philippines financial company because it had to comply with the law and passed all necessary inspections. 

Small Business Loans and Personal Loans from Vidalia Lending

Small Business Loans and Personal Loans from Vidalia Lending

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Loan parameters 

Minimum amount Maximum amount Minimum terms Maximum terms Rate
2000 PHP 15000 PHP 30 60 0.6% per day
  1. Age

Loan services are available from 21 to 40 ages.

  1. Time to review

The reviewing period lasts when the form is filled out until getting a receipt.

  1. Other conditions
  • Salary at a minimum of ₱15,000.00 per month
  • Entrepreneurs having a store with a minimum of one year of operation
  • Permanent employee 

Example of loan payments and calculating interest

TERM 10 days 20 days 30 days
LOAN AMOUNT (PHP) 10000 10000 10000
FEE 0.6% 0.6% 0.6%
INTEREST AMOUNT (PHP) 600  1200 1800
TOTAL REPAYMENT (PHP) 10600 11200 11800

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The Advantages Of The Company Vidalia

Vidalia brings a convenient lending system allowing clients to mix all debts into one. Therefore, they can reduce monthly interest and more beneficial payment recalculation per month. 

Thus, customers can simply cover the daily expense. For example, they can quickly receive money to fix the house in an emergency case.

Look after your finances today

Look after your finances today

This corporation issues loan services for the reasons below:

  • Utility payments
  • The growth of small business
  • Different types of purchases

Customers can use a credit card to repay all sorts of their debt. Next, the total amount will be calculated monthly on a specific day with unchanged interest. 

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How To Get A Loan

The procedure for processing loans is implemented online, the time to consider the application is within 3 minutes. Once sending an application, the customers need to answer short questions about personal information such as their employment, clients, and income.

After that, the employee will contact the customers to discuss the request details and get their confirmation. Then, this client must send all the documents according to the company’s requirements.

A fund check is carried out, and relevant documents are signed at the office. The terms and conditions of debt repayment are discussed directly there. 

All online processes and data are protected, and customers’ personal information is never transferred to any third party, don’t worry about this problem.

Three steps to get a loan from Vidalia

Three steps to get a loan from Vidalia

How Vidalia Works

  1. To apply, you must fill out a form online and then submit it.
  2. Please wait for 20 minutes. Then, the firm will consider your application and make a decision.
  3. You are assured of receiving funds for a bank account.


Is Vidalia lending Corp legitimate?

Yes, certainly! We are a lending corporation licensed by BIR and SEC. Additionally, Mandaluyong City issued a Business permit for us.

The organization doesn’t offer securities, stocks, and shares of the company.

How does the applying process for a loan from Vidalia take place? 

All you need to do is fill in the online application. On the top of the page, remember to click “BORROW” to finish.

After filling out the application form, wait 24 hours to receive a response from the company.

We don’t handle walk-in applicants for clients’ convenience.

Which is the exact way to protect data?

Vidalia undertakes not to reveal your personal information to a third party unless required by law and safeguards the protection of your personal information.

Customers’ information is securely sent and is only used to enable credit processing.

How can I apply for a loan from Vidalia?

  1. Access website address «Vidalia Lending» 
  2. Choose the loan term & amount 
  3. Click a “Apply Now” button
  4. Fill out the application form (Don’t forget to accept terms and conditions)
  5. The money is delivered to your specified bank account.


Vidalia Lending has been in operation for about 14 years. It could collect a large database of clients who leave positive and grateful reviews on websites.

This company also helps people have the opportunity to get loan money easily and quickly with minimal interest.

Stay tuned to our next article!

Thank you for reading and enjoying the awesome lending money services of Vidalia!

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