Upeso Information You Should Know

Online lending is one of the most popular and fastest-growing services on the Internet. And in the Philippines, Upeso or U-PESO is a new type of lending system being a lending platform that connects borrowers and lenders. 

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What should you know about Upeso?

You can get a loan easily with a decent interest rate and different types of loans that are the most suitable option. This writing will tell you much more about this online lending company. Let’s start.

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Overview Of Upeso

Upeso is a Filipinas organization that helps people get affordable loans online. It took years to research and acquire the necessary permissions before they considered bringing forth their service to customers. 

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Upeso is quite easy to use

This can be proven by first going to their site and seeing all of the legal certifications on the homepage.

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Why Should You Choose Upeso

Is Upeso Legit?

Any company hoping to obtain business in the Philippines is required by law to receive legal approval from the  Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Upeso Slogan

Upeso Slogan

The SEC maintains its list of companies that have completed all requirements on the official website called sec.gov.ph. You can search for a specific company to see if they are legal or not to protect yourself from any scams. 

There you can find Upeso (or UCS Credit Cooperative as it’s also known) on the list of officially registered credit organizations in the Philippines.

Upeso Characteristics

Upeso Philippines is a trusted alternative lending application that most Filipinos aged 22 to 55 have turned to for quick loans, with fast approvals within 3 minutes and funds in as little as 1 hour after applying online.

The process of carrying out this application is easy and quick, with the entire process taking place over your phone, whether it’s available or it’s- you fill out the form, submit it and wait if approved. Afterward, you’re given instructions on how to access your freshly deposited funds. 

Upeso guarantees full discretion in handling personal information by storing the data safely behind advanced security, exactly how private information should be stored. 

The scheme requires applicants to have full-time employment, a stable income, and possess a valid bank account in the Philippines. A loan from Upeso is simple and hassle-free, making things easier for Filipinos to live life with financial freedom.

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Benefits Of Upeso

The company offers short-term financing to all who need it with fewer documents required for processing a fast loan. Payday loan application online takes an average of 5-10 minutes and is approved in 2 hours. The operator will review your application in about two hours. 

Upeso App.jpeg

Upeso App

But you can call them if you need a quicker response, and there will never happen that Upeso complains to you for such a call.  Within 24 hours after the approval of your loan application, you will receive your loan money.

The other benefits of such loans are that there are no limitations on the total amount, and no maximum could be applied for under this program. 

The loan amounts are repaid automatically from the personal account of both repay periods and interest rates, which change over time following market fluctuations.

At the same time, unsecured loans allow borrowers to take requirements based totally on personal needs rather than going through a tedious application process while also eliminating most of the red tape involved in other lending methods. 

Thousands of real reviews (Upeso. ph reviews) from users of the service indicate that borrowers love working with Upeso because it helps them amp when they need to get things done fast!

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How To Use Upeso

How To Use

You can access your account using your phone or computer so that you can easily log in. After logging in to your Upeso account and completing the signup process by filling out the simple application for a loan, you hand it over for processing. 

Before receiving an appointment with a lender and continuing with the next steps of the application process, take time to check out reviews on Upeso lending reviews (reviews on loans)‍ to make sure that the service is reliable and trustworthy enough for you.

Before doing any of this, it will help if you read some Upeso lending reviews first, as their main goal is making sure potential customers know what they are getting themselves into and whether or not the service lives up to its end of the bargain. 

The website also lists underwriting criteria for qualified personal loans for people looking for a reliable payday lender.

Loan Types

Upeso offers fast, standard, and crony loans, depending on your loan requirements. Fast loans have rigorous processing in a short amount of time. 

However, the standard and crony loans are more focused on working with new and old customers based on how they fit into Upeso’s criteria and the size of the loan they want, how they handle payments, etc. 

Standard and crony loans have their specialized conditions to be met. Finally, renewals can be made for any loan type after repeated use.

Upeso App On Google Play

Upeso’s latest updUpeso’sAugust 01, 2019 is a major one! It now measures in at 8.4M and has 100,000+ installs to date. The Current Version 1.1.7 requires Android 4.1 or later, and it boasts a content rating of 3+.


At what age can I have the loan?

The Filipino people in their twenties and fifties can have the loan.

How will my data be protected?

Your data will be secured and confidential at all times. This information is only used for credit purpose approvals. Upeso said to never share your data with third parties (it may, however, be accessed by law enforcement who need to collect evidence or when providing you with products)

What is the way to get the loan?

You need to visit the site Upeso Lending to select how much you need and how long. Choose the “Apply Now” and complete the application form with all necessary details (preferably a photo of yourself holding your ID). 

After completing the forms that follow, wait for a lender to get back to you, and if it’s approved, you can find money in an accessible bank account.


We hope you enjoyed our article about Upeso. We know that you can make the most use of this loan for your own needs with this knowledge. Hope you have success with your plan! Cheers.

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