5 Online Earning Games In The Philippines To Get Extra Money At Home

Earning money by playing games is no longer unfamiliar to us nowadays. If you’re a Filipino or living in the Philippines and want to find some games that allow you to make money legitimately, this article will provide the fullest information! Online earning games are various in the market, so choosing the right one to earn money legally is easy but difficult too. 

Let’s explore the list of money-making games and how they work! 

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What Are Online Earning Games? 

As the name reveals partly, online earning games are apps available on the phone’s store page. These games are either free or require users to pay for downloading. They allow users to get money for online and offline transactions by playing them. 

5 Online Earning Games In The Philippines

Many games are designed specifically for playing and getting money, while other apps, like GCash, develop their main features and include an additional money-making part.

How Do Online Earning GamesWork? 

There are several ways to monetize different online earning games. Some apps pay you to complete gaming challenges or watch advertisements during game sets in exchange for money. 

On the other hand, several games are based on your level to decide the amount of money you can get. The higher the game level, the more you will be paid. 

However, the money amount you can make significantly depends on the apps. It will be a big fault if you think this amount can help fully pay for your daily expenses. These games only give you a substantially lower hourly salary than any ordinary jobs. 

They are mostly suitable for those who have additional time and want to make extra money besides their main job. The money will be transferred through your online payment platforms in the Philippines.

Online Earning Games In The Philippines 

Big Time App

Big Time App

This Philippine money-making app generates math questions and a list of all possible answers. Your mission is to find the most correct one in this list to earn tickets that can be exchanged for real money.

Students can benefit from this game as they work to improve their math knowledge. Besides math quizzes, you can receive an extra 5,000 tickets per installed game by playing and winning it in the Big Time app. 

Lucky Miner

Lucky Miner

Lucky Miner is one of the most common games in the Philippines that allows users to make money. If you want to get payout coins, you will have to pay a few pennies to generate real money. 

The minimum amount encashed is 2,000 coins to pay them. With so many games to pick from the money-making game market, the Lucky Miner is a great choice.

BigBig Cash App

BigBig Cash App

BigBig Cash is an online earning game where you can play games designed to gain points that can be exchanged for real money. In this game, many smaller games are available for your preference, including My Pocket Money, Money Planet, and My Cash City. 

You can download them to play for additional hours in the Philippines. So, you will get a higher payout when getting more points.

Prizes App

Prizes App

As the name states, this app has several rewards with many games where you can receive tickets by playing them. You may enter tournaments with these tickets and have a chance to win extra prizes. 

You can also win real money from $0.05 to $1 by swirling the magical wheel. Participating in different tournaments is a good way to increase your opportunity to win a $1,350 weekly draw prize. 

Pocket Cash

In this quick-phrase game, you construct structures and then watch as they accrue diamonds and cash over time. Each design has an updated option that will allow you to earn more money. You don’t have to invest in this game, but you need to check its website for withdrawal. 

Note that to get your real money back, Pocket Cash requires users to have a PayPal payout account. For each successful transaction, it takes 7 days to complete payment procedures.


How Do You Get Paid by Online Earning Games?

You can receive your money from legitimate money-making apps in the Philippines by utilizing services like GCash, Paypal, or bank transfers available in this country. Depending on the games, money will be transferred through these services immediately or within a few days. 

However, you should avoid playing games that don’t accept the common payment methods listed above since it will be challenging to get your money back. 

How To Check The Legitimate of Online Earning Games?

One common way to check is to wait for others to review these games on the store page. In that way, you can read all the positive and negative things about them. 

Be alert if a certain game has too many good reviews, as they may be fake accounts. Instead, concentrate on negative ones to fully identify the game’s issues.

You can even look for video or blog reviews on social media. Online earning games are a trendy topic, so finding feedback about them is easier. However, consider paying your money first. If a game requires you to pay an amount of money for commitment, you will have to think twice.

You can also check the apps by cashing out the minimum amount to reduce the risk of fraud and greater loss. 


Our article has revealed some legitimate and popular online earning games in the Philippines. You can earn money by playing these apps; however, each will have different rules for players to receive money. Remember that making money through online games is not easy, and you will have to reach a certain level to get it. 

Besides, we’ve provided information on how to get paid and check the legitimacy of the games. Hopefully, you will find this article helpful for your reference.

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