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It can be difficult for some underprivileged students to complete an academic education without financial concerns.

In the Philippines, many such cases have occurred. Most of them choose to drop out of school, choose a manual job, or become unemployed.

While the rest choose to borrow money from relatives or other financial assistance programs for education to continue their studies, the interest rates and risks are often quite high. And they can rarely afford to go to school and work simultaneously.

If you are in such a situation, then consider choosing InvestEd as a solution to help yourself feel secure to keep pursuing your dream.

Underprivileged students dropout of school and choose a manual job.jpeg

Underprivileged students dropout of school and choose a manual job

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InvestEd’s Vision

Many Filipino undergraduates have had to give up their education in the environmental university because of financial shortages. It has become the concern of two leading female engineers. 

They wonder why a developing country like the Philippines does not have any program to support tuition fees for poor students.

And that concern has become the reason why InvestEd was born, with the desire to support students in solving their financial problems.

This business adopts an investment platform to settle student loans. Their vision by 2023 is to cut the nation’s college dropout rate in half successfully.


Why Should You Choose Educational Loans?

Pay after Graduation

More than 60% of undergraduates using InvestEd’s services did not work part-time and borrowed from relatives. It means that when this solution is with you, you will limit or even finish searching for financial alternatives.

Get value for money

By becoming a member of InvestEd, you will get more than supported financially. The company will provide you with the opportunity to reach its successful community, assistant financial coaching, and an overall college experience at no cost to you.

Convenient digital payments

Students easily get a sum and send payments through Bayad Centers or any company’s partners nationwide. In addition, the transactions at the counter or through the mobile phone are accepted.

Easily get a sum and send payments through Bayad Centers or any company's partners nationwide

Easily get a sum and send payments through Bayad Centers or any company’s partners nationwide. 

Friendly, safe, and non-predatory service

Students will be notified and protected from poor debt management with accounts calculated by a transparent loan system.

Easy and free online application

Students do not need to wait too long to approve their applications. They wait 2-5 days to receive approval.

Personalized and flexible loan terms

The company designs processes to help students complete their college degrees and propel them to future success. Besides, InvestEd is also flexible in helping borrowers change their needs. As a result, they can personalize their situations.

The Borrower Requirements


  • Be a citizen of the Philippines or a resident of the Philippines who is at least 18 years old
  • Be in the last two year undergraduate in a Philippine college/university


  • National ID (PhilSys ID) 
  • Barangay or NBI clearance
  • A copy of NSO certification of birth 
  • Prove the present address by providing the most recent electricity/water/internet billing statement
  •  Still valid and current school ID
  • A copy of ALL your grades since you were in college/university
  • Prove the enrollment for the current school term by some related documents

InvestEd Product Features

Financing amount ₱10,000 – ₱100,000

(Based on student’s financial need, year in school, and other factors)

Loan term Flexible
Interest rate (per month) 2.3%-2.9%
Approval duration 2-5 days
Debt consolidation Yes

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5 Steps To Apply For A Fund InvestEd?

Complete a loan application

Spend 15 minutes filling in the application and waiting 2-5 days to respond to qualification.

Get interviewed

If a student is eligible, a counselor will contact them and do a 20-minute interview. After confirming the borrower’s information, they will provide a sample calculation.

Submit your requirements

The borrower will then have to provide additional requirements to prove:

  1. Educational Status
  2. Position
  3. National ID (PhilSys ID)

Become an Investee

Sign an agreement and become part of the InvestEd Community!

Receive your loan

Borrower plans and chooses a disbursement channel that suits their needs, such as mobile wallet, e-payment, and bank transfer. Besides, the company will also change the amount needed when required.

The company will pay tuition and utility fees directly to the school/merchant/supplier. The company will deposit other related items such as thesis, rent, living expenses into the undergraduate’s account.

Is there any other solutions support educational loan?

The answer is Yes. You still can try online loans.


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What does the student loans cover?

The company will pay the outstanding tuition fees and related expenses directly to the college/university. If deadlines are provided fully, the company will adjust the process to timely disbursements.

The seller/supplier will also receive utility ones directly from the company. They are used for devices serving the learning needs of undergraduates at the school’s request, including laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

The borrower’s account will receive intra- and extra-curricular loans in installments. The center will pay for expenses related to the school project or thesis, such as documents and system software.

Meanwhile, an extra-curricular is an allowance loan for dorm or housing expenses, food, and more.

InvestEd supports the undergraduate to get the bachelor's degree without any financial concerns

InvestEd supports the undergraduate to get the bachelor’s degree without any financial concerns

How much can I borrow?

Based on an assessment from the company’s offices, a borrower can get a debt worth between ₱10,000 – ₱100,000. Factors to be assessed include the student’s financial need, the number of years of study, and other factors.

The additional sums will also be considered to the borrower who has been in the InvestEd community and been an active Investee for six months.

How long is the application processing time?

The company will process applications as soon as they are received. However, if the number of undergraduate applications is overwhelming, this process will take more time.

When the application is approved, the borrower will have a phone interview with the officer. They need to confirm the borrower’s information and guide the submission of additional required documents. 

 The total time required from this step to disbursement is 5 days. If candidates provide full information as soon as possible, this time will shorten this time even more.


Completing a university program with a bachelor’s degree will help undergraduates get their dream job with a stable salary. As a result, they can better feed themselves and their families.

InvestEd provides educational loans and creates an Investee community – a place to support students to understand more about finance and meet successful people. From there, they can help better orient their future.

Hopefully, the information above about educational finance solutions can help you make better choices for the future and be more confident on the educational path ahead.

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