Cash-Express Philippines Information You Should Know [2023]

Borrowing money online, just need ID card, you can borrow from 1000-20000 PHP, disbursal time is very fast, you can apply for a loan immediately. So how to borrow money online with Cash-Express? Please follow the article.

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What is Cash-Express?

Cash-Express is copyrighted by Cash-Express South East Asia Lending Inc. The company’s head office is located at Avida CityFlex, 7th Ave cor. Lane T, North Bonifacio, Bonifacio Global City, Tagui.

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Currently, Cash-Express operates in online loans, just need an ID card to be able to borrow from 1 to 20k PHP.

Cash-Express has a fully automatic review system, just after 2 hours and no more than 24 hours, you can receive the money disbursed via ATM card or bank account if the application is successfully registered.

Company information:

  • Cash-Express South East Asia Lending Inc.
  • Hotline:
    • Landline +632 7902-7390
    • Smart +63 919-073-7629
    • Globe +63 917-163-3690
    • Working time: from 10 am to 8 pm.
  • Address: Avida CityFlex, 7th Ave cor. Lane T, North Bonifacio, Bonifacio Global City, Tagui.
  • Email:
    • For payment concerns:
    • For follow up on application:
    • For assistance on application:
    • For career opportunities:
    • For all other inquiries:
  • Facebook:

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Is Cash-Express Legit?

This is an important question. As we checked the company CashExpress and found it in List of Financing Companies, here is its data:

“Cash-Express South East Asia Lending Inc.
Doing business under Cash-ExpressPH Lending”
cs201951088 2918 20-Mar-19

We found the company Cash-Express in the list of registered organizations on the SEC website, which means that it works in the Philippines under the law, has passed all the necessary inspections of the supervisory authority and can be trusted!

Cash-Express is officially listed in the List of Registered Online Lending Companies in 2021 & 2022

Reviews Cash-Express online loan

Borrowing money quickly with ID card Cash-Express will have the following advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of Cash-Express

When borrowing money online, Cash-Express has the following benefits:

  • The procedure is very simple, just need ID card, completely online registration.
  • Within 24 hours, the money will be disbursed, no need to meet.
  • Customer information is strictly confidential.
  • Without collateral property;
  • Transparent loan information;
  • Fast loan approval rate;
  • Quick disbursement after checking the bank account;
  • Flexible repayment method

Disdvantages of Cash-Express

However, the biggest limitation when borrowing money online from Cash-Express is that the loan limit is only from 1000 PHP and the highest is from 20,000 PHP, the maximum loan term is 90 days.

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Cash-Express loan conditions

When borrowing money online, customers need to meet the following requirements:

1. Must be at least 21 to 70 years old

2. A Filipino citizen currently living in the Philippines

3. Currently employed, self-employed.

Cash-Express loan requirements

1. Must have SSS Number

2. a. If employed: 1 Valid Government ID (SSS, TIN, UMID, Passport, Driver’s License, PhilHealth, Voter’s ID);

b. If Self employed: business permit/ DTI Cert. / Brgy. Bus. permit / Mayors Permit;

3. Bank account or E-wallet (G-Cash / Paymaya) to receive loan proceeds

4. Contact references:

a. If employed:

HR / Direct Supervisor name and contact;
1 or 2 colleagues;
1 or 2 Personal references (Adult relatives or persons living in the same household).
b. If self employed:

Trade / supplier contact number;
Link to online shop;
2 personal references (Adult relatives or persons living in the same household).

Cash-Express loan limits and periods

When borrowing money in installments, just need ID at Cash-Express, customers will receive the limit and loan period as follows:

  • Loan limit from 1000 PHP – 20,000 PHP.
  • Loan period: loans can be availed from 7 or 14 days, in order to ensure you can pay according to your cashflow.

Cash-Express loan interest rate

Cash-Express Philippines offers a low-interest rate compare to other online lendings. On the website, you can see that Cash-Express has an interest rate of 1% – 2.3% per month.

How to loan at Cash-Express

  1. Register: Create your profile and fill-out the application form
  2. Get verified: Take our call and wait for the decision in just minutes
  3. Get money: Once approve, money is transferred instantly to your bank

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How to repay Cash-Express loan contract

Please pay the total loan amount due, or the minimum amount due if you availed of the extension, on or before your due date to avoid any late charges. If you are making a payment after your due date, pay the total amount due plus penalties and charges. The amount will be available in your profile when you click “PAY”

Cash-Express are partnered with multiple payment channels to make repayments easier for you

You nick to log-in to your account and click PAY NOW and choose your preferred method of payment. A payment instruction will be generated with your reference number to help you every step of the way.

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Frequently asked questions about Cash-Express

Cash-Express scam customers?

Cash-Express is a licensed, open and transparent loan application application. So customers can feel secure when registering.

How long does it take to disburse?

Disbursement time in 15-30 minutes.

Is there a penalty fee for late payment?

Yes, there is penalty fee for late payment

Can bad debt borrow money from Cash-Express?

Customers with bad debt, outstanding debt at banks, financial company Cash-Express support loans.


So here you have got the information about Cash-Express online loan. For small spending purposes, you can completely choose Cash-Express. This is a smart and convenient loan application. For more details call the Hotline for dedicated advice.

Get cash from Cash-Express now

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