What is a Bank Statement? How to receive bank statement?

Bank account statements can be derived from financial needs such as financial checks, financial verification, financial management … Bank statement service helps users track transaction history and manage account management more easily.

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What is a bank statement

A bank statement, also known as a bank account statement, is a table of transactions arising from a current account (individual or organization) that fluctuates the account balance in the period. These derivative transactions include all incoming and outgoing credit transactions.

Bank statements help customers accurately grasp information about transaction time, transaction content or transaction amount … of customers. From there, it is possible to check and evaluate the expenses, interest fees, advance payment … as well as limit the risk of losing money in the account.

Bank statements are only made upon request of the account holder. Usually, the statement period will be one month, or it may be shorter according to the needs of the customer.

The fee for the statement is set out according to the terms and conditions of each specific bank.


For customers using credit card, the bank will automatically send credit card statements every month when it is due. In addition to the payment transaction information, the credit card statement also shows information such as:

  • Outstanding debt at the beginning of the period;
  • Outstanding debt at the end of the period;
  • Amount to be paid;
  • The minimum payment required;
  • Payment due date….

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Types of bank statements

Currently, there are 2 forms of bank statements, which are traditional statements and electronic bank statements.

Direct bank statements

This is in the form of customers (who are cardholders, account holders) directly to the bank branches to provide information and request their account statements.

The statement issued will be an authenticated bank statement. This statement has full legal value to add to administrative records such as proof of income …

Online bank statements

This is a new and very convenient form of statement. Customers can use the Internet banking services of the bank to make their own account statements instead of going to the bank and waiting for the procedure.

From there, customers can check and control transactions from their accounts quickly and accurately, both accurately, and save time and effort.

Your statement will be displayed directly on Internet banking and Mobile banking interfaces or will be sent to your email.

However, this statement is for control purposes only and does not have the effect of supplementing the paperwork for other relevant administrative procedures such as loan documents, asset certification documents …

Instructions to get bank statement

As mentioned above, if you do not have a request, the bank will not arbitrarily issue your statement to you. But if it is a credit card, by default each month, the bank statement will be emailed. Therefore, the content presented below is only the bank statement for the checking account.

Corresponding to types of bank account statements, nowadays, to receive statements, you can go directly to the bank in the traditional way or make statements by electronic applications, statements at ATMs, …

Request statement at the bank

To request bank statements, customers come to their bank branches to open an account or the nearest transaction office to do the procedure.

Bank staff will ask to present necessary identification such as ID / ID card and some information about your bank account.

Once you have provided complete and accurate information, the bank staff will print your personal account statements according to your needs.

A statement usually provides information and fields such as:

  • Expenditures;
  • Payments for goods and services;
  • Cash advances;
  • Interest, fees….

Customers should pay attention to carefully check whether their statement is missing, fuzzy or not, have enough bank markers, these marks must be present for the statement to be legally valid.

Your bank will not send you a statement if you don’t request it. Each month, you will be provided with a free statement by your bank. But if a customer needs more than one statement per month, the customer will have to pay the bank fees for subsequent statement printing.

There is no information about the regulations of the bank about how many statements customers are required to print out statements and how many copies. Since banks charge a fee to print statements, there is no limit.

The cost of printing statements can vary between banks, depending on the fee schedule and specific bank regulations. For example, a customer applying for a bank statement at Vietcombank will have to pay the fee of 10 PHP / page / statement.

Print statements on Internet banking and Mobile banking

Many banks nowadays provide electronic statements for customers, helping customers receive statements quickly and conveniently, without having to struggle to the bank every month.

Statement will be sent to customer email as soon as it is issued. Statement is sent only once in PDF file format, and personal access code is required to enter.

In addition, each bank account registered with Internet Banking can retrieve transactions of the account so far and completely free of charge.

To print e-statements on Internet Banking or Mobile Banking, customers need to first register to use these services of the bank.

After that, customers follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Access to Internet Banking or Mobile Banking interface of the bank

Step 2: Sign in to your bank account;

Step 3: Select the bank account to be reported;

Step 4: Select the time period for which bank statement details are needed;

Step 5: View the statement to get detailed information about such banking transactions;

Step 6: Connect to the printer to print statement.

This is a quick method, suitable for today’s modern technology era.

Get bank statements through ATMs

There are not too many people making account statements at ATMs today. Perhaps that is why, compared to the two forms of statement mentioned above, this form is not popular and is not well known.

However, the operations of statement at ATM are also very simple. You just need to have your bank’s ATM card and take it to the bank’s ATMs.

Step 1: Cardholder brings the card to the ATM, takes the card into the ATM;

Step 2: Choose the appropriate language and click “Continue”;

Step 3: Enter the card’s PIN and press Enter;

Step 4: Select the function “Print statement / Account query” to view current balance, most recent transactions on the account or print the statement of the last 10 transactions.

The advantage of printing this statement is fast, convenient, and low cost. For example, some banks applies free of charge if using at ATMs, if using ATMs of other banks, the fee is around 1-2 PHP / time.

However, the limitation of this method is that the cardholder cannot see all the transactions in the month that the cardholder needs to see, and only prints the statement of the last 10 transactions.

Hope the above sharing has helped you to understand what a bank statement is and how to print it. The bank account statement will help each account holder to control his account and manage his personal spending in the most effective way.


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